Emergency Weather

Everything felt wrong, everywhere. The floor was at a weird angle – he took one step and staggered sideways against the wall. Was that shudder the house moving again?

Zeke has to stay with his aunt and uncle in Lower Hutt after a landslide takes his East Coast home off its foundations. Allie puts her drought-ridden Otago dairy farm out of her mind and catches a plane to the capital city. Stephanie wonders why she’s sitting around a table at the Ministry for Resilience – again.

In Emergency Weather, three people find themselves in Wellington as the climate crisis crashes into their lives. A giant storm is on its way – what will be left of the city when it’s over?

A scarily prescient thriller by award-winning author and climate change activist Tim Jones.

“It’s a really tight, action-packed novel. It’s got the pacing of a good thriller … a highly readable portrayal of this complex and urgent problem.” – Catherine Robertson, RNZ Afternoons, 10/10/23

ISBN: 978-1-98-859572-6
Published by The Cuba Press