New Sea Land

New Sea Land cover, featuring a person appearing to walk a tight rope over a blue sea

In New Sea Land, Tim Jones tells the intimate story of the land and the sea. Awarded the New Zealand Society of Authors’ Janet Frame Memorial Award for Literature, he writes of the mapping and re-naming of land and sea by those who came before him, and the places he travelled as a child and knows as a man and travels now. Some that crumbled to bone when the Earth heaved, some the stuff of myth and some the stuff of nightmare.

And the poems imagine what the marriage of land and sea could become as one rises up to take the other away.

Published by Mākaro Press
ISBN:  978-0-9941299-6-3

“The sea and the land couldn’t care less about where we’re heading. Jones writes so well, you might lose sight of the fact you’re getting cold water thrown at you.”

Elizabeth Morton, Booksellers NZ

“Jones has lightened the load of concern and care that the subject of ecological disaster engenders, with welcomed measures of humour and well-constructed, imagined worlds, both past and future. Poetry with an obvious agenda can erode originality and freshness, but not in this case: master strokes by a poet who knows what he is doing has removed this work many degrees away from the soap-box.”

Kay MacKenzie Cooke, Landfall Review Online