Transported cover has a range of items including an owl, a compass, a dragonfly.

Funny, moving, insightful, these stories are, above all, delightfully different.

A well-known poet pursues his elusive muse; a Kiwi makes himself indispensable in OZ; a revolutionary fast-food franchise revs up Russia’s economy; a racing-car driver is airborne; a Frenchman called Foucault puts in the hard yards at an antipodean dairy farm – all while water laps at our feet, our homes, our lives . . .

With Tim Jones’ stories you should expect the unexpected. This remarkably refreshing collection uses a lively mix of genres, taking readers on flights of fancy, transports of delight and even occasional trips of nostalgia. Some of the stories are unique ways of looking at the everyday and ordinary, others take us out of this world.

Published by Random House NZ

“Dazzling and highly entertaining”

Isa Moynihan, New Zealand Books

“None of the tales have that kind of super-seriousness about them that’s typical of NZ short stories. Instead, they’re an intriguing mix of tongue-in-cheek, subtle humour, history turned inside out, and sci-fi.”

Mike Crowl,