It’s All Fun And Games…

… until someone loses their dragons. I have three fierce dragons to chase at the moment – or are thy chasing me? There’s the finishing stages of proofing for The Stars Like Sand: Australian Speculative Poetry – that stage when a book seems to be interminably 95% finished, but never quite done. There’s the ever-extending Basin Reserve Flyover Board of Inquiry – as the co-convenor of the Save the Basin Campaign, quite a lot of my energy is going on that. And there’s a major work project which is about half complete.

If they don’t succeed in burning me up or out, all those dragons should be caught and trained by about July, but in the meantime something has to go, and I’ve decided that thing will be blogging. When the Seven Kingdoms are reunited under the flag of peace, freedom and the Westerosi Way – when the sun also rises – when at least two of those three projects are out of the way – I’ll be back. Till then, au revoir!