Anarya’s Secret on ballot for Sir Julius Vogel Awards

My novel Anarya’s Secret is on the ballot for Best Adult Novel in the 2008 Sir Julius Vogel Awards, the New Zealand Science Fiction and Fantasy Awards, which will be voted on by the members of Conjunction.

The full list of nominees is available online. It’s great news for science fiction and fantasy in New Zealand that so many works are eligible this year.

2 thoughts on “Anarya’s Secret on ballot for Sir Julius Vogel Awards

  1. Tim are you planning to attend Conjunction? I\’m thinking about it…and I\’m wondering why Maurice Gee\’s novel Salt didn\’t receive a young adult novel nomination (I guess Bernard Beckett\’s Genesis is too old now.) Congratulations on your nomination…

  2. Yes, I am planning to go, although I don\’t expect to be there for the whole time. I am impressed by the number of candidates in various categories – but as for why Salt didn\’t receive a nomination, I guess no-one got round to nominating it! (I haven\’t read it – sounds like I\’m missing something good.)

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