Transported: 4 days to go – People

To initiate the new discipline of “indexing for surrealists”, here is a small selection of people (most real, some imaginary) namechecked in Transported.

George Gregan, Sheree (a Tier One poet), Miranda (a Tier Two poet), Carl Dooley (an ironmonger), V. I. Lenin, Arthur C. Clarke, Arkady Renko, Marilyn Manson (a musician), Bruce McLaren, M. Foucault (a philosopher), Lacan, Kristeva and Baudrillard (other philosophers), Wayne Foucault (a dairy farmer, brother of M.), Krystal (who’s at yoga), Borges (a librarian), Senor Borges (a Distinguished Visitor), Billie Holiday, Alex Lindsay (and His Orchestra), Lisa Bryant (who put up an umbrella), Losi (an engineer), Mrs Masters (who died the other day), Mrs Parsons (a governess), Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Jacques (who thought he was a parrot), Cleve Cartmill (but not this one), H. P. Lovecraft, Sir Timothy Hyphen-Hyphen (a spy), Velimir Grushnikov (also a spy, but more sinister), and Trevor (from Hamilton)