Transported: 2 days to go – Getting Around

A lot of people, a lot of places, but what the stories in Transported have in common is that they all feature journeys of some sort – journeys ranging from a few hundred steps to many light years. Actually, all the stories in my first collection, Extreme Weather Events, include journeys as well. Could there be a theme emerging here?

The term “Transported” shouldn’t be interpreted in purely physical terms – some of the characters are transported by love, others by envy, fear or greed – but in the book, characters:

travel by ferry
travel by jetboat
travel by tractor
run up and down the pitch
move house
take the train (to Lower Hutt; to the Finland Station)
fly into space
fly through space
fall in the pond
set the matter transmitter for the banks of the Dnieper
drive back home from kids’ cricket
run the 100 metres in the school sports
run for their lives
set sail surreptitiously
drive a bulldozer
drive a Lotus 49T
fly in a plane
soar aloft on their pinions
plunge to earth
walk with a limp
dance (fast)
dance (slow)
drift in a dinghy
sail in a yacht
go out for a few quiets
climb to the top of the mountain
climb the walls
climb trees
jump in the water
wade in the sea
go under
hop to it, and
walk some more

No bikes, eh? Must try harder next time.