Coming Attractions, Bloggy Goodness, and A Little Bit of History

Coming Attractions

As Helen Lowe pointed out to me recently, I haven’t run many interviews with poets on my blog this year. But this is about to change! Because Montana Poetry Day is on Friday 24 July, several poetry books are being launched on or about this date, and I will be interviewing three poets with books just on the shelves: Mary Cresswell, Joanna Preston, and Tim Upperton. I’m also going to review Mark Pirie’s verse novel Tom.

As promised in Part 1 of Down in the Flood, I’m going to marshal my thoughts on the topic of creative writing about climate change, and I am hoping to have another guest blogger add some informed comment to my usual wild speculation in the fairly near future.

And, of course, I’ll fill up the remaining posts myself with a tantalising mixture of celebrity gossip, multi-level marketing schemes, and anecdotes about our cat. Who is good at catching mice, but less good because she keeps insisting on bringing them inside and releasing them in our lounge.

Hello, Bloggy Goodness!

In the left column, you’ll find links to a lot of fascinating blogs, both New Zealand and international, which I try to visit and check out when I have time, either directly or through Google Reader. One day, I’ll add a list of blogs with recent updates, but that time is not yet.

I don’t have time to visit half the blogs I would like to half as often as I’d like (to misquote Bilbo Baggins), but here’s a few I’ve found myself drawn to lately (in addition to blogs I’ve previously posted about here and here and here and all the way back to here):

  • Jack Ross doesn’t post often, but what he does post is usually fascinating. I found his recent post on the Tolkien industry especially interesting.
  • Thoughts from Botswana, by Lauri Kubuitsile, is a fascinating insight into living and writing in Botswana.
  • When it comes to the hard, cold practicalities of commercial publishing, there are few places more reliable – and at times more sobering – than Jane Smith’s How Publishing Really Works.
  • And here’s an even scarier blog for writers trying to get publishers and agents interested in their work!
  • Kay McKenzie Cooke is a fine poet whose blog made for weather is not only interesting to read, but lavishly illustrated. A thing of beauty!

A Little Bit of History

There’s a historical writing competition on in my old home town, Gore. Here are the details (thanks to Rosemarie Smith for this information):



Buildings, Businesses, Breadwinners and By-standers

If buildings could talk, what stories would they tell?

Entries should be essays of 1500 words or more, with photographic illustrations if possible, on a topic relating to a specific building or business in Gore, Mataura or the rural districts. Essays should contain some original research, and preferably have some emphasis on the period 1930-60.

Entries to be delivered to:

Gore Historical Society
16 Norfolk Street
PO Box 305
by 21 September 2009

There is one remaining workshop to assist with research and writing: Tuesday 23 June and 21 July at 7.30pm, St Andrews Hall, Gore

Further information: 208 7032 or 208 4822 or heritage (at)

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about the cat/mouse situation, Tim – we never had mice in the house until our current cat shifted herself in. I've come to the conclusion she's trying to establish a mouse colony indoors so she's got something to chase under the bed in the middle of the night…

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