Fantastic Voyages: Credits, Thanks and Podcast

Fantastic Voyages: Writing Speculative Fiction went very well last night, in this reporter’s opinion – and also in the opinion of my fellow panelists. Under the expert chairpersonship of Lynn Freeman, Helen Lowe and I each read from our work, and fielded questions from Lynn and from an audience which included many writers and readers of speculative fiction. Some people told me afterwards they felt inspired by the event, which makes me very happy!

Anna Caro, initiator of New Zealand Speculative Fiction Blogging Week, very kindly recorded the event after our original recordist wasn’t able to attend. You can find the podcast, and a brief report of the event, on Anna’s blog.

I’d like to thank everyone for their support and help: Random House New Zealand; Unity Books and in particular Anna and Cameron; Toi Poneke/Wellington Arts Centre and in particular Will; chairperson (and spec fic enthusiast) Lynn Freeman; my fellow panelist Helen; all those who came along on the night and the many others who couldn’t be there but sent their best wishes. Thank you!

UPDATE: Jenni Talula has written a report of Fantastic Voyages on her blog that made me feel very happy. And Sally McLennan has added a lovely report, with photos.

6 thoughts on “Fantastic Voyages: Credits, Thanks and Podcast

  1. Thanks, Debbie! And (though I realise it may have been inadvertent) I love the word you have coined: podcat. A cross between LOLcat and podcast – I think it could take off!

  2. Tim,I'm wondering if you know what attendance numbers were at the event? I'd love to know and report it in the next SpecFicNZ newsletter.Oh, podcat. I love that, and think it just might inspire a story.Ripley

  3. Finally back in sunny Christchurch after the all weekend Spinning Gold conference in Wellington and back 'online', but I would like to second your thanks to all those who supported the Fantastic Voyages event, Tim–Random House and Unity Books (with special thnaks to Cameron for coming out of an evening with the book table), Tim at Toi Poneke and of course Lynn Freeman who did such a fantastic job of chairing the event. And thank you most of all to everyone who turned up to listen and also to participate in the event. It's a buzz to know that spec fic can draw a crowd. And thanks most of all, Tim, for eveything you did to make Fantastic Voyages a success–it wa sgreat working with you and I've had feedback from a few different sources that they thought we had a good rapport so we'll have to do it again sometime!

  4. Thanks, Ripley and Helen! Ripley, I didn't count the numbers, but the room takes 50 and it was close to full. 45, perhaps?Helen, it was great working with you too! Maybe the next event could be on your home ground, or alternatively, we could take a Fantastic Voyages roadshow (using electric vehicles or the train, of course) north up State Highway 1.

  5. Tim–I did a rough headcount at one stage, before we bought in the extra chairs and it was already up to just over 40 then–and even with the extra chairs there were a few people standing at the back, so I think it was probably closer to 55 in terms of numbers. But it would be great to see it reported in the SpecFicNZ newsletter–thank you Ripley.

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