Tuesday Poem: Lockdown


Turbid sky,
uneasy ground.
The face of a guest
turned away at the door.

His hands like roses
hunch a cigarette.
I hear his boots
make full confessions to the rain.

Tim says:“Lockdown” was my contribution to the Winter Readings Poetry Wall in 2007. It is as yet uncollected.

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8 thoughts on “Tuesday Poem: Lockdown

  1. Hi Tim,Nice poem! Short but vivid. I know poetry is subjective so the message I got may not be what it was originally intended. Kudos to you!

  2. Thanks, John, Claudia, Helen, and Mary.John, I think this is one of those stray poems that might remain \”uncollected\” until I get round to putting together a collection called \”Ominous Poems With Unspecified (But Possibly Eastern European) Settings\”. Which could be a while off yet.

  3. Thanks, Helen! I had the first stirrings today of a new poem – the first I will have written since I finished the \”Men Briefly Explained\” m/s. Only problem is, the subject matter would have fit MBE perfectly. So much for my breakout to new poetic pastures ūüôā

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