Looking Forward To The Ballroom Cafe With Madeleine Slavick This Sunday

I’m looking forward to spending two hours at the Ballroom Cafe in Newtown on Sunday from 4-6pm (cnr Riddiford St and Adelaide Rd). Madeleine Slavick is the guest poet, and she’ll be performing a series of portraits of New Zealand poets. There will also be open mike poets – the open mike is of a high standard at the Ballroom – and musician Fraser Ross.

I’m looking forward to these two hours because I like Madeleine, like her poetry, and think this will be an intriguing session. I’m also looking forward to it because it will be two hours away from what has been an incredibly busy life of late: lots of travel, lots of interesting experiences, lots of preparation for important things coming up later in the year, lots and lots of answering emails, but alas, far too little writing, or even submitting what I have written.

I’m hoping things will settle down for the next month or so. I’m planning to get more writing done, and once that’s underway, I hope I’ll get back into the swing of commenting on blogs etc. I even have some new author interviews for this blog lined up – when I find time to write the questions!

So, if I seem a little absent, in either the mental of the physical sense, that’s why. For two hours on Sunday, I plan to be present.