Good Things Happen Too

When I’m not doing my day job, I spend a lot of my time dealing with and thinking about things that aren’t good – plans to fuck up the climate or fuck up our communities (and the climate) in the name of profit and an outdated, Father Knows Best view of this country’s future.

Bad things happen in the writing side of my life too – rejections, bright ideas that don’t work out – but lots of good things happen too, and it’s always great to come back to them and see how different projects are progressing.

So, here are some good waves that are on the crest of breaking.

Slightly Peculiar Love Stories

Penelope Todd of Rosa Mira Books has pulled together a remarkable range of authors to contribute to this anthology, which does what it says on the tin: love stories, with a twist. I’m delighted that my story “Said Sheree” – a love story, with literary funding – is included in that number.

Slightly Peculiar Love Stories will be available as an ebook very soon. In the runup to its release, Penelope has been running a series of guest posts by the anthology’s contributors on the Rosa Mira Books blog. They make entertaining reading, and great tasters for the book!

Tales For Canterbury

I’ve blogged about fundraising anthology Tales for Canterbury, which includes my story “Sign of the Tui”, before. It’s now out in the world and doing very well. There are a couple of excellent reasons to buy it: one is the continuing need for donations to Christchurch earthquake relief, which is where the book’s proceeds will be going; and one is the excellence of the stories.

I’ve banged on about this topic long enough, so instead of paying attention to me, I suggest you check out this reader review of the anthology from LibraryThing or listen to this recent Radio NZ Arts on Sunday interview about the anthology with two of the authors represented, Amanda Fitzwater and Matt Cowens.

Then I suggest you head straight over to the publisher’s website and get yourself a copy.

12 thoughts on “Good Things Happen Too

  1. Thanks, Penelope! I am looking forward to a certain launch announcement, at which point the sound of trumpets shall issue forth from my team of social-media-savvy, formerly-employed-by-Father-Christmas elves.

  2. And thanks, Amanda! I listened to your and Matt's interview again while finishing off this blog post – it reinforced my opinion that you both did an excellent job.

  3. There you go!It reminds me of that poem by Sheenagh Pugh about things not always going from bad to worse.I'm very happy for you.

  4. It's not so much the aftershocks, which are more \”oh, there's another one\” – well, OK, Monday's were scary but they wwere over quickly.It's the aftermath – everything shut again, having to boil water, etc – I really feel bad for those having to dig liquefaction, or without running water, etc.It's getting a bit worrying looking at the cracks in our house, too, and wondering how much more the poor house has to take and whether it will keep standing.I keep telling all my Wellington relatives to make sure they have a good emergency kit.

  5. Delighted to hear of this effort for Christchurch. My friend, author Glenis Thomas of Wellington, sends me regular updates to make up for pathetic lack of media coverage in the States.

  6. Thanks, Catherine and Mary.Incidentally, my \”captcha\” word for this post is \”spera\”, which means \”to hope\” in Romanian, so that seems most appropriate!

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