Tuesday Poem: The Poets’ Birthday, by the Tuesday Poets, plus Coming Attractions

No Tuesday Poem of my own today, but I did contribute a line to The Poets’ Birthday, the collaborative Tuesday Poem composed jointly by the Tuesday Poets. You can check it out on the Tuesday Poem blog, plus a note by Tuesday Poem coordinator Mary McCallum explaining how it came about.

Coming Attractions

Later this week, I’ll be asking Elena Bossi, one of my fellow authors in the anthology Slightly Peculiar Love Stories, three questions about herself and her writing.

Next week, I’ll be posting a poem by, and interviewing, poet, editor, anthologist, publisher, and (increasingly) historian of New Zealand poetry, Mark Pirie.

About the Tuesday Poem: You can check out all the Tuesday Poems on the Tuesday Poem blog – the hub poem in the middle of the page, and all the other poems in the sidebar on the right.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Poem: The Poets’ Birthday, by the Tuesday Poets, plus Coming Attractions

  1. HI Tim – popping by on our 2nd birthday to say thank you for your support of Tuesday Poem – week in week out – with your poems and posts about poets and poetry. Your support of poets and fiction writers in general, really. We're lucky to have you and your energy and belief in us. Mary & Claire. p.s. we changed the poem title to 'The Poets' Birthday' – plural, it seemed more appropriate

  2. You really are a champion supporter, Tim! Looking forward to your questions with Elena and interview with Mark, off for a read of the birthday poem….

  3. Thanks, Rachel! I think I should get a scarf and one of those rattles that football fans in the UK whirl round and round.Actually, I already have a scarf…

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