So, Er … Yeah

A few little things:

Tim Upperton has reviewed my latest poetry collection Men Briefly Explained in Landfall Review Online – thanks, Tim!

Here is Tim’s review:

And here is lots more information about Men Briefly Explained, including where and how to buy it:

Michelle Elvy pointed out to me that a search for “Men Briefly Explained” on Fishpond lists my book at the top but some distinctly bizarre choices under that – Hitler: A Short Biography? The World of Mining??! Experience these bizarre search results yourself at

As well as being a fine writer, Michelle Elvy has given a real boost to flash fiction writing in this country with her and Sian Williams’ magazine Flash Frontier and now with the announcement that 22 June will be National Flash Fiction Day. Watch out for events in your area, and check the National Flash Fiction Day website for news. Don’t forget the National Flash Fiction Competition, which closes on 1 June, either!

So, er … yeah. Back to writing those short stories!

10 thoughts on “So, Er … Yeah

  1. My favourite on the Fishpond page is the snappily titled 'A Brief Account of the Beaumont Trust, and Its Founder, J.T. Barber Beaumont, from Letters and Other Extracts, Collected by W.S. Beaumont.' Note the word 'brief'. Maybe that's a clue?Or maybe you're being punished in some way for making jokes about the 'Please prove you're not a robot' instruction on Blogger's comments page? The robot wasn't amused, Tim, and is in league with the Fishpond robot.

  2. I'm thinking of remaking (or, as we like to say in Hollywood, 'reimagining') this as \”Beaumont: The Beaumont Years\”. The reimagining might no longer turn up in these search results, though.Those were not jokes! I was seriously disturbed by the request to prove I was not a robot, and my spine started glowing!

  3. Ah, but those suggestions are linked to the searcher's previous serches, not the current book being searched. Not so much a reflection of your book as an indication of what makes your readers tick!

  4. Well spotted, Rachel! And quantum theory tells us that one can never determine both the position and the velocity of a Fishpond searcher – right now, I'm sitting at the table but typing at a wide range of speeds.(Blame my son and his constant questions about quantum theory for this one!)

  5. Oh my goodness, the universe is converging in most complementary ways this evening – I just finished a story about quantum physics – and, sotensibly, Joan of Arc – but woah! Meaningful!

  6. Wow! I'd love to read that one.Conversely, the story I've just finished drafting is straight ahead, no nonsense, four on the floor realism. I don't do it often so I feel I should mention it when I do.

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