Tuesday Poem: One’s One And Only Haiku

King Arthur today
a sofa, two chairs
an occasional table

Credit note: First published in Learning a Language: New Zealand Poetry Society Anthology 2005, edited by Margaret Vos.

Tim says: Frantically busy. Running late. No Tuesday Poem posted last week – little chance of one this week. Facing being drummed out of the regiment,* possible court-martial. What to do?

Then – inspiration strikes in the form of P.S. Cottier posting a haiku. Note to self – adopt same policy – post a haiku! RSM McCallum thereby satisfied, honour of regiment intact. One problem: self not a noted writer of haiku, little inspiration to write one.

But! Chap rummages around in old files, finds the above – one and only haiku ever attempted, and by Jove, published too. Matter of Britain – most satisfactory. Not really a haiku in the strict sense but as Padre says, there are no atheists in a fox-hole. (Note to self: must ask Padre if he has experimental evidence of same. Poss. of survey, troops answering questions on religious belief or lack of while taking shelter from live fire. Would take troops’ minds off their troubles, buck them up. Good for morale.)

*The regiment of Tuesday Poets. Jolly good show, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Poem: One’s One And Only Haiku

  1. Play up and play the game!Glad to see you're not counting the syllables too carefully old chap. That's a cad's notion of haiku, what?Must run now. There are Huns to defeat and Bolshie workers to subdue.

  2. A chap can't be overly bound by what some other chaps (and chapesses, what?) decided was the correct number of syllables in some bally country a long way away from old Blighty, if you ask this chap his opinion, which I must say I am jolly glad to give.

  3. Hmm I try again. The haiku is fun as are the accompanying words!And what makes a table occasionalis it that when is a table not a table thing. more hmms:-)

  4. Thanks, Helen! Dropping my silly personal for a minute, I think an \”occasional table\” is one used for special occasions – but I could be wrong.

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