Cameron Slater (Whale Oil) And His Mate John Key

This photo says it all, really. Cameron Slater (Whale Oil) is a right-wing blogger whose public and private behaviour is equally appalling. It turns out that he is also a shill for the tobacco industry. Nicky Hager’s new book Dirty Politics clearly demonstrates that Cameron Slater also does Prime Minister John Key’s dirty work for him, launching personal and political attacks of the most scurrilous nature so the PM can maintain his easygoing, smily image. The book shows that John Key is, once the public mask is off, just as much of a scumbag as Cameron Slater.

If you get the chance, read this book. And if you’re eligible to vote, I suggest you vote for someone other than John Key and his National Party.

PS: In this excerpt from an email, Cameron Slater demonstrates his care and compassion for Christchurch earthquake victims:

You sure picked a great guy to do your dirty work, John.

One thought on “Cameron Slater (Whale Oil) And His Mate John Key

  1. It's true the East of ChCh is poor and probably largely votes Labour, but you don't bring an earthquake upon you because you are \”scum\” in his words. I hope his house gets totalled by an earthquake, one specifically targeting his house and no-one else's, if that was possible.

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