Flash of Iron

I’m happy to say that the April issue of Flash Frontier, which I edited, is now online. The theme I chose was “Iron”, which as I’d hoped pulled in stories with many different takes on the subject.

In addition to the fiction, which I selected, there are two other aspects of this issue I can’t take credit for. One is the excellent illustrations by Canadian artist Allen Forrest and other talented folks; another is the feature article this issue, which has news on flash fiction developments in Aotearoa followed by an excellent collection of tips on writing flash from authors and editors.

And if that inspires you, then you have until 30 April to enter the NZ National Flash Fiction Day competition!

Thanks as always to Michelle Elvy for giving the opportunity to guest-edit this issue.

2 thoughts on “Flash of Iron

  1. I have started reading the stories, Tim, and love the different interpretations of the prompt. However, I have yet to find a golf story. I wonder if anyone used the word in that way?

  2. Nary a one, Penelope! I understand future themed issues include \”Drive\”, \”Bunker\” and \”Putt\”, which may help.

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