I’m Looking Forward To The NZ Poetry Conference This Weekend

I’m looking forward to the New Zealand Poetry Conference this coming weekend (13-15 November). After a successful conference in Hawkes Bay in 2013, this one is being held in Wellington.

I know I’m going to be involved in a couple of events: one is a reading session which I believe I’ll be chairing, the other a panel of former judges of the NZ Poetry Society International Poetry Competition talking about how they approached the judging process – I’m looking forward to this both as a former judge and as a potential future entrant!

Check out the conference programme.

There will also be book launches at the Conference – one I’m particularly pleased about is Mākaro Press’s launch of new poetry collections by Heidi North-Bailey – Possibility of flight – and Keith Westwater – Felt Intensity, to be launched by Dinah Hawken. You can join the Facebook event for this launch.

Heidi, Keith and I were all members of Dinah Hawken’s 2003 “Writing the Landscape” course, which was by far the best and most enjoyable writing course I have taken part in, so I am looking forward both to catching up with them and to the launch itself.

3 thoughts on “I’m Looking Forward To The NZ Poetry Conference This Weekend

  1. I'm interested in the idea of poetry 'clinics'; sounds vaguely medical. Appendectomy or plastic surgery?Sounds like an interesting but exhausting conference, for those who try to go to everything. (I don't!)Good luck with your stuff Tim.

  2. I didn't get my act together to attend this, I'm afraid, Tim, but I hope you enjoy the Conference immensely and I look forward to a few blogs about it from you.

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