Angela Oliver Reviews “Shortcuts: Track 1” For Booksellers NZ – And Likes What She Finds

The anthology Shortcuts: Track 1, which collected six New Zealand science fiction and fantasy novellas including my novella Landfall, has been getting good reviews, on Amazon and elsewhere.

Angela Oliver from Booksellers NZ has now reviewed Shortcuts: Track 1, and it’s another good review. About the collection as a whole, she says:

The tales are diverse and engaging, long enough to immerse and engage the reader, but short enough to devour in a single sitting.

When it comes to “Landfall”, she says:

We begin with ‘Landfall’ by Tim Jones, a chilling near-future tale. New Zealand has become a distant haven for refugees escaping a world altered by climate change. However, it is not, truly, a haven, for the beaches are patrolled, and outsiders − and those who aid them − are greeted with guns and hostility.

It’s good to hear that Shortcuts: Track 1 continues to be well received. You can purchase it as a paperback or ebook from Amazon, or as a paperback through your local bookshop.

You can also purchase each novella individually as an ebook – including Landfall, which is $2.90 on Amazon right now.