Dunedin, That’s A Fact!

*See historical note below.

It’s fact that Harvey Molloy and I will be holding a joint poetry reading at Dunedin Central Library at noon on Sunday – with an open mike! Come along, and bring a poem to read if you like!

Harvey Molloy and I are both going to be in Dunedin on 9 October, so we thought, why not hold a joint poetry reading? Our publisher Mākaro Press agreed, Dunedin Public Libraries agreed to host the event, and University Book Shop very kindly agreed to come and sell books – so it’s on! Please share this event widely.

When: Sunday 9 October from 12 noon-1.30pm

Where: Dunedin Public Library, 230 Moray Place (Dunningham Room, 4th floor)


A former Dunedinite, Tim Jones maps both land and sea in his new collection, exploring our increasing intimacy with the sea due to climate change. And Wellingtonian Harvey Molloy’s collection moves from the Lancashire moors of the poet’s childhood to the eco-politics of New Zealand.

Come along to hear these two stimulating poets while they’re in Dunedin for an environmental hui, and bring a poem of your own to read.

The University Bookshop has very kindly agreed to handle book sales at the event.

If you can’t make it, please share this event with your Dunedin friends.

Facebook eventhttps://www.facebook.com/events/1848403445380889/

The books:

Historical note

If my memory can be relied on (scientific note: it can’t), “Dunedin, That’s A Fact!” was one of the slogans used by local promoters of the proposal to build an aluminium smelter at Aramoana to convince Dunedinites that the proposal was a fait accompli. Of course, the smelter never went ahead!