One New Book And Three Old Books

One new book

The new book first: it was wonderful to see the turnout at Unity Books last week for the launch of Murdoch, which in case you’re wondering isn’t the warts-and-all biography of the odious Rupert Murdoch – it’s the first collection of the editorial political cartoon of Sharon Murdoch, aka @domesticanimal, with an introduction and commentary by art historian Melinda Johnston.

In an era in which most of the media is making every effort to smother political commentary – especially political commentary critical of the current Government and of the state of the nation – it was lovely to see how many people attended – and how quickly the book sold out at the launch! I got to the counter only just in time to buy my copy, and I’m glad I did – it’s excellent.

(Of course, many more copies are now on sale throughout the nation!)

You can listen to an excellent Radio New Zealand interview with Sharon Murdoch (19 mins).

Three old books

Publisher HeadworX is planning to release my first three books – short story collection Extreme Weather Events (2001) and poetry collections Boat People (2002) and All Blacks’ Kitchen Gardens (2007) as ebooks. I’m really pleased that these books, long out of print, are to be re-released, and as the release date comes closer I’ll say more about each book individually – but for now, here is a quick gallery of the original covers, with apologies for the image quality of the first two.

Extreme Weather Events (2001)
Boat People (2002)
All Blacks’ Kitchen Gardens (2007)