Here Is Where We Wash Up: “New Sea Land” reviewed by Kay McKenzie Cooke in Landfall Review Online

My latest poetry collection New Sea Land has got some good reviews already, but I’m particularly happy about the excellent review by Kay McKenzie Cooke that has just appeared in Landfall Review Online.

Kay reviews both my collection and another fine collection from Mākaro Press, I am Minerva by Karen Zelas, which I recently read, and recommend.

Talking about New Sea Land, Kay says lots of nice things, but I especially appreciated this comment:

This is a passionate, sincere collection of poems on a concerning subject, but nonetheless peppered with playful aspects, twists and turns. Jones has lightened the load of concern and care that the subject of ecological disaster engenders, with welcomed measures of humour and well-constructed, imagined worlds, both past and future.

It’s great to get such a good review which engages with both the content of the collection and the intention behind it – all the more so when the review is by a poet and author I greatly admire. Thanks, Kay!

How to get a copy of New Sea Land

New Sea Land is available in selected booksellers nationwide (the link is to a directory of booksellers).

If the book isn’t in stock at your local bookseller, you should be able to order it using this information – especially the ISBN:

ISBN 978-0-9941299-6-3
Publisher: Mākaro Press
Paperback, 150x190mm, 74pp poetry collection
RRP $25

and overseas readers can also order the book from Mākaro Press.

2 thoughts on “Here Is Where We Wash Up: “New Sea Land” reviewed by Kay McKenzie Cooke in Landfall Review Online

  1. This really is a wonderful poetry collection. It has humor within horror, horror within humor in it. Great craftsmanship. I love 'Kraken' and 'Not for me the sunlit uplands' the most so far. Are you coming to Christchurch to do a reading any time soon?

  2. Thanks very much, Ronnie! 'Not for me the sunlit uplands' was a poem I wasn't sure about including in the collection, so I'm especially pleased to hear you like that one.I am currently lining up some readings over the next few months. I've very much enjoyed reading in Christchurch previously, but haven't got a Christchurch reading on the cards right now – suggestions very welcome!

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