Buy One Or The Rat Gets It!

And no, I am not talking about Men Briefly Explained. (A rat did take up residence at our house a while back – the cat brought it in, let it go, and proved completely inadequate to remove it. In the end, I played “St. Anger” at it until it ran away.)

I am talking about this rat, here:

Rattie has moved on from occupying Slightly Peculiar Love Stories to occupying Rosa Mira Books as a whole, and he has begun to make marketing decisions – like halving the price of both Slightly Peculiar Love Stories and The Glass Harmonica for this week and next week.

But that’s not all. The rat has let power go to his head, and he’s making publisher Penelope Todd draw a cute little picture of him each time you buy one of these ebooks. But, like a rodent Scheherazade who has had a gender change and isn’t married to the sultan and er I think I’ll stop now, his continued portayal depends on you, gentle reader, buying ebooks from Rosa Mira Books.

You don’t need an ebook reader to read them – you just need a computer. They are amazingly easy to read on the screen. And they are bloody good.

So go to it. Take the plunge. Buy an ebook from Rosa Mira Books, and keep the rat in cute little outfits.