Tuesday Poem: Tuesdays


On Tuesdays
when we should be making love
we sneak off to the movies instead.

You hold my hand.
I eat an ice-cream
that I don’t need and do not deserve.

It isn’t art: Van Helsing.
Hellboy. Harry Potter 3.
But it’s what you like

and I tag along, looking
for the joins in the CGI
and enjoying this escape

from the sunlit outer world.
Where we blink. We kiss.
Adult again, we go our separate ways.

I couldn’t really pass up an opportunity to go all meta for my second contribution to the excellent Tuesday Poem initiative started by Mary McCallum (check out her blog for the details, including other bloggers taking part – the current list is also at the bottom of this post).

I didn’t write Tuesdays specifically to be a Tuesday Poem – it was first published in the New Zealand Listener on 30 April 2005 and is included in my most recent poetry collection, All Blacks’ Kitchen Gardens (see below).

Tuesdays is cheap movies day in Wellington.

If you’d like a copy of All Blacks’ Kitchen Gardens, the easiest way is to order one directly from me, via an email to senjmito (at) gmail.com. Within New Zealand, that will cost you $15 including postage & packing. If you’re from overseas, please get in touch and I’ll let you know the total cost.

Till next Tuesday …

Cover image of All Blacks Kitchen Gardens composed and photographed by John Girdlestone.

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