Earthdawn News: A New Novel, A New System

Two quick items of Earthdawn news:

My Earthdawn novel Anarya’s Secret has become the head of a dynasty (well, a line of books, anyway). RedBrick has now released a second Earthdawn novel, Dark Shadows of Yesterday, to join Anarya’s Secret.

Also, Redbrick and Wizards of the Coast have jointly announced a tie-up between Earthdawn and the mother and father of all roleplaying games, Dungeons and Dragons: Earthdawn Age of Legend Announced for D&D Fourth Edition.

Things are happening in Barsaive!

3 thoughts on “Earthdawn News: A New Novel, A New System

  1. Thanks, Lee, and good question, Aaron. I haven\’t talked with the folks at RedBrick about this, and I have my hands quite full with other writing projects at present. I do have the outline for at least one sequel to \”Anarya\’s Secret\” floating around in my head, though.Thanks for asking!

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