Tuesday Poem: Sex In An Elevator

Sex in an Elevator

Unlike Scarlett Johansson
I have never had sex in an elevator
with Benicio Del Toro, or Guillermo Del Toro
or any member
of the Del Toro clan.

I have never had sex with Scarlett Johansson
though I was there with Bill Murray
right through Lost in Translation.

At the Unemployed Rights Centre in Dunedin
they said there was a ghost in the stairwell.
It certainly was cold
and not somewhere
I’d choose to linger.

I never had sex there either
not with the ghost
not with Scarlett watching.

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10 thoughts on “Tuesday Poem: Sex In An Elevator

  1. Kay: as far as I know, no statement in this poem is untrue.That stairwell in the old Unemployed Rights Centre always gave me a very strange feeling. Maybe it was just the draught blowing through it, but I most certainly wouldn't have wanted to spend a night trapped there. Distinctly eerie.Claire: The film \”Lost in Translation\” was restrained, so I guess I was going for a similar feel.

  2. Janis (your comment mysteriously appeared after I posted my previous comment): Thank you! Funnily enough, the Aerosmith song \”Love in an Elevator\” came on the office iTunes today. There's no connection, of course…

  3. Thanks (I think), Melissa! It would never have worked with Scarlett, anyway – that whole spring-and-autumn thing.

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