Things To Make And Do

In no particular order, and with varying degrees of seriousness:

Turbine 2010 is now online: an impressive selection!

Wu Ming on translating Stephen King – into Italian

Aimee L Salter’s competition for bad poetry – the worse, the better! (Closes Christmas Eve)

The Government may be ignoring Parliament’s report into the imminence and consequences of Peak Oil, but at least Dunedin City Council is paying attention to the issue.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment lays out why digging up and burning Southland lignite is a very bad idea.

South Pacific Book Chat (aka #spbkchat) has its own blog.

There is no Zuul. There is only Lovelace & Babbage.

For drawing my attention to various of these, thanks to @modernletters, @wwborders, @AimeeLSalter, @ttnz, the whole #spbkchat team, and @sydneypadua

One thought on “Things To Make And Do

  1. Re translating Stephen King: I wonder if \”the language of fear\” is different in different languages: i.e., if the sentences or vocabulary have to be tweaked to evoke fear.

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