Tuesday Poem: Tres Hermanos

They’re feudin’, Mama.
They’re rasslin’.

They’re camped up in Bozeman
for the party season.

One is a long bore.
Another raids the mini-bar, now sure

his date won’t show. The third
defends his diary with a secret code.

A horseman riding by
observes the niceties of outstretched thumbs

(that poor horse,
sway-backed and spavined,

when all it wanted was a better ranch).
Hear that far-off harmonica blow

beneath that far-off sky.
See that second mortgage slip away.

They’re fussin’ and a–fightin’, Mama,
those three sons of yours,

arguing over the script
as wolves tiptoe behind.

Credit note: “Tres Hermanos” appears in my new poetry collection, Men Briefly Explained.

Tim says: The note about this poem at the back of Men Briefly Explained helpfully advises as follows:

“Bozeman is the fifth largest city in Montana, on the route of the former Bozeman Trail. Though this is not stated in the poem, the three titular brothers are named Zack, Jed and Joss, which irresistibly suggested a Western theme.”

Times are tough, even in Hollywood.

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7 thoughts on “Tuesday Poem: Tres Hermanos

  1. This is a fun poem, Tim…enjoyed it in the book when I read it. Just curious: the line, 'one was a long bore'- is that referring to one of the three men? I'm missing something here I think…

  2. Thanks, Helen, Kay and Mike!Kay, I didn't have that in mind when I wrote the song – it was really the names of the three brothers Whedon – the aforementioned Zack, Jed and Joss – that gave me the idea – but as soon as I saw your comment, this popped into my head:\”The wind blew cold from Wallacetown the day Morton Mains, the meanest gunslinger south of the Nokomai, rode into Hedgehope City…\”Stand by by for further developments in this Western (Southland) epic!Mike, I guess I was thinking of a long bore rifle, although some hasty Internet research reveals that these had largely passed out of use by the time the Tres Hermanos rose the Bozeman Trail. If they ever did.

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