Oh, All Right, If You Insist

I wasn’t going to. But after spending the past two days reading nothing but pleas from leading media outlets for me to change my mind – “He must tell us!” (New Orleans Times-Picayune), “This has become an urgent matter of national security” (Washington Times), “All Blacks something World Cup something” (Dominion Post) – I have decided to give in. The rumours are true: the three titular brothers of my Tuesday Poem Tres Hermanos are indeed that trio of Hollywood hot-shots, Zack, Jed and Joss Whedon.

Joss Directs

Here they are with Maurissa “Mo” Tancharoen at some San Diego Comic Con of distant memory – that’s Mo, Joss, Zack and Jed in that order. Since the brothers Whedon got their (uncredited) chance to shine in Tres Hermanos and hence Men Briefly Explained, here is Mo Tancharoen with Fran Kranz in the music video for her and Jed Whedon’s song “Remains”. It’s a video that manages to be beautiful, creepy, sad and feminist all at once.