October Book Tour To Launch Men Briefly Explained and Tongues Of Ash

It’s all on! The Interactive Press book tour for my third poetry collection, Men Briefly Explained, and Keith Westwater’s prize-winning debut collection Tongues of Ash, starts in Dunedin on Tuesday 25 October and ends in Auckland on Tuesday 1 November. Here is the tour poster:

For the benefit of Google and of those, like me, whose eyesight is not what it was, here are those details again in text format:

  • Dunedin: Tuesday, 25 October, Circadian Rhythm Café, 72 St Andrew Street, 8pm
  • Christchurch: Wednesday, 26 October, CPIT, Madras Street, 5:30pm
  • Wellington: Thursday, 27 October, Wellington Central Library, 5:30 for 6pm
  • Lower Hutt: Friday, 28 October, Rona Gallery/Bookshop, Eastbourne, 6pm
  • Auckland: Tuesday 1 November, Poetry Live, Thirsty Dog, 469 Karangahape Road, 8pm

You can also see these, and signal your attendance, on our Facebook events page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=188416554563635

To celebrate the occasion, Keith Westwater has launched his own website.

Dr David Reiter, the publisher of Interactive Press and a noted poet in his own right, will also be in attendance and reading from his new collection My Planets. As he is an international poetry publisher who has a track record of publishing collections by New Zealand poets, he may be someone you want to get to know.

We will be doing lots more to publicise individual events over the next seven weeks, but if you just can’t wait that long to get your copy of these books, or if you live where you can’t get to a launch event, you can already purchase both books from Amazon in paperback and Kindle ebook formats, as follows:

Tongues of Ash: paperback and ebook
Men Briefly Explained: paperback and ebook

5 thoughts on “October Book Tour To Launch Men Briefly Explained and Tongues Of Ash

  1. Thanks, Emanuel.I don't think a visit to Australia is on my immediate horizon, but one of my poems is putting in an appearance in Sydney on the 16th of September – check this blog on Tuesday the 13th and I'll be publicising all the details then, or email me if you are desperate to know!

  2. Thanks, Catherine. I hope to see you there.We won't just be relying on Facebook to notify people – I plan to send out a bunch more notifications next week. I myself get annoyed when events are announced only on Facebook, on the assumption that everyone uses it. Not true!

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