I Only Read It For The Interviews

I run round about one interview (usually, but not always, an interview with an author) on my blog each month. My own interviews this year were augmented by Johanna Knox’s fascinating interview with Mandy Hager.

Here are the interviews from my blog in 2011 – and you can check out interviews from previous years as well.

2011: Interviews with:

Owen Bullock

Mary Cresswell

Tracie McBride

Laura Solomon

Janis Freegard

Anna Caro

Barbara Strang

Michael J. Parry

Meliors Simms

Mandy Hager interviewed by Johanna Knox – Part 1 and Part 2

Johanna Knox

Penelope Cottier

If that’s not enough interviews for you, you can also check out the blog tour interviews with me about Men Briefly Explained – and the tour’s not quite over yet!

2 thoughts on “I Only Read It For The Interviews

  1. I'm so impressed by your organisation – I have been meaning to put the interviews on my own blog onto one accessible page, and now I have been shamed into acting on my intention!I look forward to reading thorugh the ones of yours I've missed, thanks!

  2. Thanks, Rachel! I think what you should really be impressed by is my cunning in getting a holiday-mode blog post out there without writing any new content :-)I mean to convert some of these 'summary posts' into pages once I am back in broadband-land – and I look forward to reading your interviews too!

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