I Only Read It For The Interviews

I run round about one interview (usually, but not always, an interview with an author) on my blog each month. My own interviews this year were augmented by Johanna Knox’s fascinating interview with Mandy Hager.

Here are the interviews from my blog in 2011 – and you can check out interviews from previous years as well.

2011: Interviews with:

Owen Bullock

Mary Cresswell

Tracie McBride

Laura Solomon

Janis Freegard

Anna Caro

Barbara Strang

Michael J. Parry

Meliors Simms

Mandy Hager interviewed by Johanna Knox – Part 1 and Part 2

Johanna Knox

Penelope Cottier

If that’s not enough interviews for you, you can also check out the blog tour interviews with me about Men Briefly Explained – and the tour’s not quite over yet!

Chat Show

Every month or so, this blog turns into a chat show: I interview an author, usually but not always a New Zealand author, about their inspirations for writing, their current work, the genre(s) they work in, or whatever else seems relevant and appropriate.

I will be posting my first interview for 2010 before too much longer, but in the meantime, here are the interviews I did in 2009. I think they make quite a worthwhile collection.


An Interview With Sue Emms


An Interview With Trevor Reeves


An Interview With Iain Britton

An Interview With Julie Czerneda


An Interview With Lyn McConchie


An Interview With Mary Cresswell

An Interview With Joanna Preston


An Interview With Tim Upperton


An Interview With Frankie McMillan


Under Government And Restraint: An Interview With David Howard


An Interview With Sally McLennan

An Interview With Nalini Singh

If you’d like to read yet more author interviews, this post contains a linked list of my 2008 interviews.