Booksellers NZ Says Very Nice Things About “New Sea Land” In New Review

It’s a relief to post about writing again – and in this case, to highlight a very positive review of New Sea Land by Elizabeth Morton, published on the Booksellers NZ blog.

Elizabeth Morton says:

You can lick the salt off this poetry, half expect sand to spill from the centrefold. Tim Jones’ latest collection, New Sea Land, is part history, part rattling fortune-telling. It is a slap on the face by a wet fish, a digging up of heads-in-the-sand. Jones has spied a calamity from the shoreline, an oncoming deluge. History is repeating on us, and this time the tide is coming in full.


The world is falling apart at its seams. This is a New Zealand where climate change is playing out. The sea floods Lambton Quay, rolls over childhood homes, and meets householders at their doorsteps. People are left with new geographies of which to make sense. Jones gives us a periscope to a time where myopic vision has crystallised into something tangible. It is only once the impact is ostensible that we realise we ‘backed the wrong horse’…. This is poetry that knows what’s coming, and insists you ‘keep your life raft close at hand’.

I’m delighted not only to get such a positive review, but also that Elizabeth Morton has ‘got’ what the book is about. Thanks, Elizabeth!

As Booksellers NZ says, New Sea Land is available in selected booksellers nationwide (the link is to their directory of booksellers).

If the book isn’t in stock at your local bookseller, you should be able to order it using this information – especially the ISBN:

ISBN 978-0-9941299-6-3
Publisher: Mākaro Press
Paperback, 150x190mm, 74pp poetry collection
RRP $25

and overseas readers can also order the book from Mākaro Press.

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