Dan Davin Literary Foundation – Short Story Symposium 1-3 September 2017

Here’s a callout I’m really pleased to share:

The Dan Davin Conference on the New Zealand Short Story – its traditions and departures – will be held in September.

The conference is an opportunity to celebrate Southland-born author Dan Davin as one of the fathers of the modern New Zealand short story, and the development of the New Zealand short story to today.

In conjunction with the Dan Davin Annual Lecture, the two-day conference will be held in Invercargill from September 1-3. Author Vincent O’Sullivan is working with the Foundation to develop the conference programme.

The short story has always been of significance in New Zealand literature, and continues to be an important form of writing. Papers of 25 minutes are invited on any aspect of the tradition, its contemporary practice, and on the work of individual writers.

Some of New Zealand’s foremost writers of the genre including Owen Marshall, Dame Fiona Kidman and Tracey Slaughter will attend. Janet Wilson will also be key note speaker. It will be the first conference for many years devoted entirely to the short story and its place in New Zealand literature.

The conference will include an opportunity to experience the unique south, as well as attend the events which will be held in two outstanding southern venues.

Enquiries and abstracts of up to 200 words can be sent to the Dan Davin Literary Foundation, PO Box 29, Invercargill 9840, or dandavin@xtra.co.nz

[Note from Tim: There will be a mixture of formal academic papers, and informal papers – in other words, writers, readers and critics as well as literary academics can submit papers!]

We also welcome expressions of interest of attending the Symposium and can provide assistance with discounted accommodation.

As part of the Symposium we have an opportunity for visitors to see and experience some unique Southland experiences. And it is our hope that these experiences might be a catalyst for writings inspired by the south whether it be short story, poetry or blogs.

Rebecca Amundsen
Chair, Dan Davin Literary Foundation

Tim says: A few years ago, I was invited to take part in Southland’s annual Dan Davin Literary Festival – an experience I enjoyed very much, for the discussion, the hospitality, and Becs Amundsen’s excellent organising skills. Now the Dan Davin Literary Foundation has organised this Short Symposium, which looks like a really good opportunity for writers, readers, critics, academics – and who knows, maybe publishers and booksellers! – to get together and discuss the form.

I’m hoping to attend, provided I can sort out a potential clash of dates – and I hope you’ll consider attending too!

3 thoughts on “Dan Davin Literary Foundation – Short Story Symposium 1-3 September 2017

  1. Thanks, Nathan (and good to see you today) – provided I can make it I would definitely like to do so! Waxeys proved a good meeting place last time I was down – not sure if that's your style?

  2. Hi TimGreetings from Dunedin. I don't think I have seen you since Peace Movement NZ days back in the 1980s.Your presence at the conference was sorely missed and I am sorry to hear of the death of your father. The event was a grand affair complete with the best of Invercargill hospitality. Will you put your paper up on your blog site?RegardsTony Eyre

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