All Blacks’ Kitchen Gardens Takes The New Zealand Reading Challenge

Book blogger and librarian Tosca (aka Catatonia, aka @catatonichic on Twitter) recently decided it was time she read more New Zealand books, and embarked on her New Zealand books resolution.

The third book on her list was my second poetry collection, All Blacks’ Kitchen Gardens. I waited anxiously to see what she’d think of it – though I was cheered by the news that, as she read it on the bus home, a fellow passenger had started reading over her shoulder. But in the event, I needn’t have worried: she liked it a lot!

Tosca’s full review is on the Manukau Libraries blog, and here is the first paragraph:

A delightful find! This title is a collection of poems covering a variety of topics that are funny, sad, political, reflective, about culture and life, nature, love, relationships – you name it and it’s here, it’s fresh and it’s evocative.

I’m working on the poems for my third poetry collection at present, so a positive review of my previous collection is especially nice to get. Thank you, Tosca, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the books you will read for this challenge.

How You Can Buy All Blacks’ Kitchen Gardens

  • Directly from me. I have copies available at NZ$15 + postage and packing. Postage and packing within New Zealand is $2.
  • From New Zealand Books Abroad
  • From Fishpond.

Sample Poems from All Blacks’ Kitchen Gardens

Transported: 0 days to go – Enough Already / On National Radio Sunday 8 June

Enough already! Transported has been published. It will be in bookshops – Whitcoulls, Borders, Unity, Dymocks, Paper Plus, Parsons, and others – shortly, if it isn’t already. You can buy it online from New Zealand Books Abroad (who, despite their name, also sell books within New Zealand) or Fishpond.

I’m going to finish sorting out the running order of JAAM 26 and catch up on housework. Then it will be back to working on my novel, and blogging about what really matters: Buffy Anne Summers, for example.

So, enjoy the silence.

Or not: following a day on which I twice darkened the doors of Radio New Zealand House, I will appearing twice on National Radio on Sunday 8 June! From 10.05 to about 10.30am, I’m taking part in the Sunday Group on Chris Laidlaw’s morning show. We’ll be discussing Peak Oil and the future of world oil supplies.

Then, some time between 2 and 2.30pm (all being well), I will wear another hat, appearing on “The Arts on Sunday” to discuss Transported with Lynn Freeman. Emily Perkins will be on the show as well.

Shortly after these shows, podcasts will be available, and I’ll add links to them here.

UPDATE: A podcast of the Sunday Group discussion hasn’t been made available, but the Transported interview is available in MP3 format (a two-minute excerpt from the book plus a seven-minute discussion).

FURTHER UPDATE: The Sunday Group discussion on Peak Oil and the future of oil supplies is now also available as a podcast in MP3 format (12.5MB, about 35 minutes).